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Site-specific Installation Performance

Bricks+Cement, Interphone, Books, Plastic Bag, Food, Water, Room and Time

Fri. 17 Dec. 5p.m. 49Hr.


Shanghai 2010




    In human history, generally, freedom and liberty has always been the trophy of any social evolution, or to the up highest objective of the great revolutions. However, have us ever thought about this illusive luxury can be more flexible and durable?


    My idea here is to limit my physical and communication freedom for certain long time, since the exhibition lasts only for two days, I put 49 hours all together, just to start one hour before the opening at 5 pm December 17, 2010. So I can not leave this room, nor to use mobile phone and internet, while there on both sides of one wall installed a talkback phone, so if there's visitor willing to talk with me, I can passively accept the call, and each call suppose to be limited within 5mins, the visitor only needs to fill a paper and pass it through the hole to notice the artist, i.e. 'the donator'. The donator has given basic life supplies, water, food, toilet and rest, plus two books for reading, "Fabre's Book of Insects" and "Penology" in my own choice.

    I applied a pun in designing the Chinese title as "南犬自由" Nan Quan Zi You, but actually is "献自由", Xian Zi You, means donating freedom, which has the same pronunciation as "限自由" namely, limiting freedom. It's only a game but also a serious paradoxical concept for donating freedom or any abstract things, like happiness.


    to dear friends: from 2010/12/17 17:00 to 2010/12/19 18:00, 49 hours, shaw xu zhifeng will be out of contacts via email, phone call nor sms, due to he voluntarily donated his freedom, so sorry for the inconvenient from that. in any urgency, you can find him above the flower market, and there will be 5 minutes visiting through line talkback.


    Chers amis: du 17/12/2010 à 17h, au 19/12/2010 à 18h, pendant 49 heures, Shaw Xu Zhifeng ne sera pas joignable par email, téléphone ou sms, du fait d'un don volontaire de sa liberté. Désolé pour ce désagrément. En cas d'urgence vous pouvez le trouver au marché aux fleurs et entrer en contact avec lui par interphone. Entretien limité à 5 minutes après inscription sur un registre de visite.