12hr clockwise walking with GPS tracking


Psychogeographic Mapping

Map, Walking, GPS tracker


Shanghai | London | Amsterdam




    ZOOM is a 12hrs circular walking (in psychogeography rather than baozou) plan, it takes places in Shanghai, London and Amsterdam successively in 2012, is part of the ongoing artist networking MyPeople Project.


    the 1st walking tract has centered in Shanghai (Xiangyang Park as the omphalos), a circle with a 10 km about radius (which is calculated according human's average walking speed, i.e. 5km/h) , draw this circle on map which has the north at the top, and mark it as a clock face, so the only discipline is, simply, to walk on the circle at the same speed as the hour hand, which means to arrive at 6 o'clock at 6am, and walking clockwise toward 7 o'clock along the track and arrive there at 7am, in such a way, finally to get back 6 o'clock at 6pm. the whole route will be tracked by a GPS travel logger, camera might be used during the process for documentary purposes.

  • Shanghai


    1st trial mapping on 1st track, 6am - 6pm 29 june, 12hr continuoust walking, from 6 o'clock to 3.20 o'clock, uncompleted


    2nd trial mapping on 2nd track, 7am-8pm 25 july, 13hr continuoust walking, from 7 o'clock to 6 o'clock, uncompleted


    3rd mapping on 3rd track, with 12 UCEAP students on 'urban photography' summer course 7am-9pm 28 july 'clockwalk shagnhai'. 14hr continuoust relay walking, from 7 o'clock to 7 o'clock, completed total distance: 76.72km total duration: 14h 25m 10s average speed: 5.32km/h


London Amsterdam