Xiàng Zi Xì -alleys play-

a psychogeographical walk through interstitial urban space

collaborated with Christopher Connery & Grass Stage


Shanghai 2012 - 2042



    The 4-hour piece, for a maximum audience of 15 selected members, consists of a 5km "guided" walk, a route, largely through alleyways and lanes, selected for its psychogeographical depth and potential. Through a combination of limited verbal narrative, a series of sensory workshops; audience empowerment through cultivation of full-dimensional observation, peripheral awareness, and empathic thinking; and manifestation of site-specific latencies and their temporal-historical sedimentation via random and nonrandom encounters, accident, site-specific performances, interventions, modifications, and installations, the piece hopes to contribute to general psychographical knowledge, and to a greater awareness of the act of walking, and its potential for world-creation and wonder.

    NOTE: by participating in the event, audience members agree to prohibitions against mutual conversation, photography, and other distractions.

  • 0.5

    0.5 CAST (Excl. incidental unconscious actors/actresses)

    C.C. tour guide,sensory workshop leader
    Xu Zhifeng tour guide,coordinator
    Li Weiwei logistic,communications
    Wu Jueren doudizhu solo player, changle cun
    Lin Bao house storyteller, changle cun
    FZK's g.daughter discussant of g.father's painting,changle cun
    CD vendor street dj, s.shaanxi/xinle lu
    Zhang Jingwei recyclist,changle cun,daxing li
    Mr. Ren blind 'sheng' player,changle lu
    Yao Bo ceramics spirit-woman,44 xiangyang lu
    Wang Boyuan water calligrapher,44 xiangyang lu
    Tang Liang real beggar, xiangyanglu,w.nanjing lu
    kiosk girl sell ice lolly green moods,877yan'an lu
    Yang'ayi owner kiosk historian, lin cun
    Mr. Chen resident jing'an villa historian
    Yu Bingxia(cover) bookstore 2666 fantast, jing'an villa
    Wu Meng 'the old man and the sea' in the alley
    Wu Jiamin 'the old man and the sea' in the alley
    the Limb a collective memento for the sea
1.03Nov.2012   VIDEO