Urban Pilgrimage

31.190192°, 121.488576°


Urban Intervention

Building, Red/Blue Fluorescent Lamps, Daylight and Time

Fri. 02 Jun. 5:30p.m. 1Hr.


Shanghai 2006



    Urban Pilgrimage invited a private group of people making their own way through the rich urban fabric of Puxi (western side of Huangpu River) Shanghai, taking the ferry over the river to the late and new developed Pudong (eastern side of Huangpu River) area which locates the upcoming 2010 Shanghai Expo. A site-specific installation had been set up during the day inside a typical 80's Chinese industry workers' housing where the latest family having their last dinner home on the top floor, they moved the next day and the building tore down the following week, clearing the whole site for the Worldwide Exposition in 1,429 days.


    It announces that the whole experience of all the participants is the whole work of Urban Pilgrimage. The interventional installation used 70 florescent lights at dusk as the instrument for the voice of the final beauty of an ordinary building to commemorate its residents that forced to abandon their houses as well as the community they belong to, however, it would be only a beginning of the story.


    This artwork had been accomplished on 2nd June 2006, participating photographer Greg Girard and filmmaker Eric Ransdell had excellently documented it both in photo and video respectively.