Space, Installation and Collaboration

Mirror, Sensor Flash Light, etc.

Various Sizes


Shanghai 2015



    Two large mirrors installed vertically with 90 angel, one facing a door, the other to the glassed window, to creat a periscope system, a pass-by can see his/her image through the window of time -3s?


    A co-operation of theatre artist HUANG Fangling, The Maids in Enclave - Theatre Exhibition project @MoCA Pavilion Shanghai, off-stage mode, interaction open to the pass-by.


    Scene Two: Creating a theatre.

    Cooperation for space: Xu Zhifeng

    A black box amid a city is appearing quietly. In the dark theater space, the illusion between the small space and big circumstance caused by mirror reflection is created. The rehearsal, along with the flashing of lights and shadow, shows that a good drama will be staged.


    Scene Three: Curtain down, drama on.

    Cooperation for space: Xu Zhifeng

    Cooperation for vedios: Rehearsal for The Maids with Pei Enen,Tang Chao; Cleaning,Struggle, Midnight In Shanghai with Jin Feng The exhibition space will be presented again as the images are floating in the theatre just like memories. The maids put on their costumes. With the change of their roles, audiences' roles are changing as well.