Look, Through Me 3D

3D red cyan glasses are recommended to view this image correctly


Body Installation

mini-PC, twin-Webcam, LCD Screen, Battery


Hong Kong, Rauma 2012




    A pair of webcams are mounted to the front of a hemlet, throught mini pc powered by portable battery, they have been connected to a 8.9”LCD screen at the back of the hemlet, on which it shows a 3D streaming of front view of the performer by using 3D software, the audience with 3D red/cyan glasses can see through his/her head literally in three dimensions.


    The real walk due to carry out on mall street of Hong Kong in Autumn 2012, this time the artist will go with the installation all by himself, get interaction and documentation material both from the passersby audience, who can get information on red cyan paper glasses from the backpack with text: "Documentation of this performance relies only on strangers and U, the artist will collect all materials (video/photo) from LookThroughMe@qq.com, all instant-voluntary filmmakers and photographers will be appreciated, credited and notified. ACTION!"