2016 Artists in Residence (Gwangju)  
  Interruptions for Urban Screens  
  BLASÉ Project  
  The Maids in Enclave  
  Urban China 058  
  "Time of Dragon"-Rauma Art Museum  
  “Ubiquitous Portraits” by Cyril Galmiche  
  MyPeople Project  
  Butterfly - designboom  
  The best of the week - Time Out Shanghai  
  bazaar compatible program #8 - Xiyitang  
  Ruby, Roxy Enter the Dragon - studiorouge  
  interactive objects  
  Speaking Food - Fivespices  
  Doorkijk Chinees on Den Haag Centraal  
  Den Haag, Look Through Me on Vimeo  
  Pecha Kucha Night #16  
  南犬自由 XIAN Zi You | donation  
  Mona Lisa Smileless  
  Shifting Definitions - OV  
  DIALOGUE 乒乓 on douban  
  KIOISK | Xiaomaibu  
  KIOISK | Xiaomaibu Blog  
  "一平方英里" |《公共艺术》2010(五)  
  Urban Pilgrimage - SHupS  
  Urban Pilgrimage on Vimeo  
  Solo Show - Naço Gallery  
  Transform Public Space  
  Weimarer Summer Courses  
  e-space lab  
  1mile² Waltham Forest