Cross Cultural Hybrid Interdisciplinary Project

in collaboration with Petra Johnson, Esther Blodau-Konick.


Shanghai, Cologne, Liverpool, Weimar, Istanbul

May-Oct. 2010



    The Kiosks accommodate one or the other of three forms of engagement. They may vary in approach according to their environment .


    1. Fish do not need architecture = sound To discover jointly – guest and local resident - the aural architecture of a place and by working with a set of specific questions to compile a sound filing archive that collects stories and impressions linked to the sound experience of participants. This artist led enquiry is divided into aural aesthetics, spatial acoustics and cultural acoustics by using sound sources in different ways. The kiosk will accommodate the required equipment and offer workshops. Shanghai based artist B6 in turn will spent time in Cologne to collect sound impressions as well as compare and contrast the sound recordings with the experience of local inhabitants.


    2. Learning from Shanghai = video streaming To make visible local knowledge and find ways to articulate the unintentional formula that makes for a vibrant neighbourhood. ‚First, local knowledge is made to disappear by simply not seeing it, by negating its very existence.' Vandana Shiva, Monocultures of the Mind We will draw from the experience of various projects, in particular from the Urban Planning Department at Oxford Brookes University, United Kingdom and their community projects both in Oxford as well as in Thailand and from Studio 6 at Tongji University, Shanghai. Video streaming facilities are set up by UK based e-space lab.


    3. (I do not pay for dreams) I weave mine into yours = retailing In the late Twentieth century and the early Twenty-first century the fruits of Western culture that establish themselves first in non-Western cultures are Coke and Nestle. How and why do Nestle and Coke reach the dreams of so many people and why do artists not? 'We should seek to improve existing design culture by identifying those aspects which should be developed because they seem valuable – also in place-identity terms.' (Georgia Butina Watson) The retail concept of the kiosk seeks to identify means of negotiating a space where gift money and commodity money can exist side by side. The kiosk will explore ways of exchanging experience, knowledge and dreams with emphasis on .....pleasure a shop that shows objects people made for their own....... The KIOSK project is a collaborative work initiated by Alexandre Ouairy and Petra Johnson.