Look, Through Me II

52.078120° 4.314496°


Urban Intervention, Installation on Body

Man, Webcam, LCD Screen, UPS Battery

Thu. 03 Nov. 5p.m. 2Hrs.


The Hague 2011



    "look, through me" demonstrates at a late autumn dusk 2011 in downtown the hague, from plein to grote markt on its main shopping street. shanghai based artist a.k.a. shaw debuts his first 'walk' in the netherlands, corresponding to his last 'walk' in may 2010 on e.nanjing rd. towards the bund of shanghai.


    same as in shanghai, shaw carries a ups battery powered ftf monitor on his back, where streaming of his front view by using a mini surveillance camera attached on his chest, while this time, he disguised himself as typical den haag shopper with a black trolly in his right hand, inside which, the mobile unit core is fully equipped.


    "look, through me" inspired by and responding to the merchandised urban settings, which has an enormus and chronic impact on human behaviors, through digitalizing his own body, shaw walks magnetically into the vanishing point...