Broken Bicycle, Painting, Light Box and Laser Cut


Edinburgh 2008



    Just before the story start, there is a connection.


    And just before the story goes to its end, all the connections are concluded into its beginning.


    Came from Far East to study a nexus between Glasgow and Edinburgh in far west. I call it transplantation. Since everything shifts: morning to evening, right-hand-turn to left-hand-turn, CNY to BGP, climate to weather. Which is great though!


    Edinburgh is the old sister, while Glasgow no longer its young brother.


    Edinburgh is shrinking, while Glasgow is flaming.


    Edinburgh is non-Scots, while Glasgow gathered.


    Last night I invented the word "BiCity". To try take the metaphor of a bicycle to the nexus of Edinburgh and Glasgow, two wheels. The sprung frame as its "central belt", infrastructure? The drive chain its transportation? The brakes like its administration and polity? And the brake cables as public medium? Who is seating on the seat, and who is take care of the handlebars?


    BiCity is the potential model.